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Online Banking System Maintenance

We will be performing system maintenance on Sunday March 10th beginning at 12:01am through 5:00am CT. Please note that we have accounted for Daylight Savings Time, so the maintenance window remains 4 hours long. During this window, Mobile and Online services will be temporarily unavailable.

Check images and other document images may be temporarily unavailable on Sunday, March 10th beginning at 6:00 AM – 12:00pm CT due to scheduled maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your business.


How you can be our first line of defense.

Nothing can replace your vigilance in monitoring your own accounts through paying attention to bank statements and/or online banking for unauthorized transactions. Those are clearly the best ways to protect yourself and detect unauthorized activity (i.e., stolen checks, unauthorized withdrawals, unauthorized card activity, etc.) on your 网上正规网投实体 accounts. Reporting any suspicious or unauthorized activity on your accounts in a timely manner to a 网上正规网投实体 branch is critical in protecting your business and personal banking accounts.

However, nothing is more important to 网上正规网投实体 than you – our customer. We take your security very seriously. These are some of the safeguards we’ve undertaken to better protect you.

Online Banking Protections

User ID & Password are required to validate and confirm your identity. 网上正规网投实体 customers should never share their login credentials with anyone and should never provide this sensitive information to anyone over the phone or through an email request. 网上正规网投实体 will never place unsolicited calls or send unsolicited emails asking you to provide your login credentials. Do not save your login credentials in your browser or elsewhere.

Challenge Questions are asked to help validate and confirm your identity as necessary before access is granted.

Timeout Feature – Your online session will end automatically after an extended period of inactivity. The best advice is to always sign-off and close the browser when your online session is complete.

Encryption – 256 bit encryption is used to help protect and scramble the content of your online session.

Your Account Activity Monitoring – Provides you with the control to continually monitor all activity on your business and personal banking accounts for any unauthorized transactions.

Protecting Your Checks, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards

Online Banking
Closely monitor your accounts using Online Banking and immediately review your bank statements for unauthorized transactions.

Debit Card Fraud Alerts
When you bank with us, you’re putting your trust in us to protect your money. That’s why we are serious about security and fraud protection. Debit card fraud can happen which is why fraud alerts were designed to quickly detect and alert you of unusual activity on your card. Fraud alerts utilize text, email and phone calls to contact you if suspicious activity is detected on your card. If we can’t reach you by text, we will email or call you. So please log into online banking or your mobile app and make sure your contact information is up to date! Fraud alerts are the quick and easy way to catch signs of fraud and start as soon as you activate your card. To learn more click here >

Card Security Help Line
Visit or call your 网上正规网投实体 branch immediately. You may also call 1-800-413-4211 during normal business hours. You may also report your debit card lost or stolen 24 hours a day by calling 1-866-342-5178.

Card Security Code (CVV – “Card Verification Value” number)
A three-digit security code that is on the back of your 网上正规网投实体 debit card that helps merchants ensure that you are in possession of your card when making online purchases.

PIN Protection
A personal information number used to help protect you when making ATM withdrawals or conducting point-of-sale transactions. You should always avoid a PIN that is easy to identify (avoid dates of birth, phone numbers, etc.). You should never give your PIN to anyone and never write your PIN on your card or leave it in your purse or wallet.

Account Alerts
If you want to receive account alerts via your mobile phone, email or in-app, you can enable this service under Other Services in Online Banking. You can enable or disable the types of alerts you’d like to receive. For example, if there is an Online Banking Login Error under your account, we can alert you. Or if your balance falls below a specific amount or if a transaction exceeds a certain amount. It’s easy to set up when you want to be alerted and is a great security measure. To learn more click here >

Overdraft Services
We understand that life is busy. From time to time, anyone can lose track of how much money is available in their checking or money market account. 网上正规网投实体 has a variety of ways customers can track the money you deposit into and withdraw from your accounts and a variety of overdraft products designed to help protect you. To learn more click here >

Usernames, Passwords and PINs:

  • Includes: When creating passwords and PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), avoid using information that is easily guessed.
  • Includes: On many sites, you may also be able to strengthen your security by choosing a username that is unique and difficult to guess.
  • Includes: Don’t share your passwords or PINs with anyone.
  • Includes: Don’t keep written notes containing your passwords or PINs in your purse / wallet or in your home, office, or vehicle.
  • Includes: Choose strong passwords that are at least eight characters long and contain a combination of numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters.
  • Includes: Don’t repeatedly use the same password/PIN or set of passwords/PINs on a site after a password expires.
  • Includes: Don’t use the same password/PIN across multiple sites.

Rights, Responsibilities and Liability

The section titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities” in the Electronic Funds Transfer agreement of your account disclosure statement describes your rights, responsibilities and liabilities applicable under banking law with respect to your check card, online banking and electronic funds transactions. Please read this section carefully.

Branch Services and Protections

网上正规网投实体 branches can assist you with filing a fraud claim and/or in providing guidance to help protect you if you suspect that your bank account information has potentially been compromised.

Business and Commercial Account Protections

网上正规网投实体 recommends that all business and commercial customers periodically perform a risk assessment and controls evaluation on their own information systems and accounting practices.

Positive Pay
网上正规网投实体 Positive Pay Services help detect check fraud by matching checks presented for payment against the company issued check file (checks written).

ACH Block and/or Fraud Filter Protection
Blocks all ACH transactions or allows our business customers to select companies they authorize to debit their account.


If you have questions about online security or need help, we’ve got you covered. To report a lost or stolen card, unauthorized checks or ACH electronic transactions or to report suspicious emails or scams, call 1-800-413-4211 during normal business hours or 1-866-342-5178 24/7. You can also email us at or stop by your local 网上正规网投实体 branch.


Understanding Your Overdraft Options

网上正规网投实体 offers a variety of ways you can protect yourself against overdrafts. You can set up optional Overdraft Protection to avoid the inconvenience of declined transactions and overdrafts. 网上正规网投实体 encourages you to take time to learn ways you can protect yourself by reviewing our educational flyer on overdrafts and returns. Click below to download the flyer.


Woman using a debit card for a mobile transation. Smiling and happy.

As soon as you activate your debit card, our debit card fraud alert system keeps an eye on your transactions. If we see something unusual, we will ask you to confirm the purchase. You get a text asking if you made the purchase. You reply with a text back. It’s simple, quick and easy.


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